Got a question about selling?

How much is my item worth?

We really need to see an item before valuing it but this can be done via email if good quality pictures are sent. You can send your pictures and questions to us here at toys@leicester

How can i be sure that is a genuine price we are offered?
Our reputation is very important to us and we will always look after our customers. You can check online websites which will give you an idea but only check the COMPLETED listings as they give you idea what the item is selling for not what somebody may desire to get for the item.

I have no transport can you collect?
Yes we can we can use courier service if the items are over 50 or 60 miles away otherwise we can come value and pick up straight away.

Can you do an insurance valuation?
Yes we can we also deal with solicitors and this service is provided free of charge.

Do you do swaps or part exchange?
Yes we do!

I need cash quickly how soon can we come in?
Whilst it is always a good idea to phone the shop on 0116 2622004 we buy toys every day and have cash waiting

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